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Upcoming Plans

The next reunion is planned for September 13-16, 2016 in Reno, NV

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2016 Registration Packet

You can now download the registration packet.  Click here.  Please note, all reservations are to be made through Premier Reunion Services.  You will not need to call the hotel directly.  All information needed for making your reservation will be included in the reservation packet.  You will need to download the packet, and then you can fill it out on your computer, print it, and then mail, phone or fax in your reservation.  Please do not email your registration form with your credit card number on it.  You can email your form, and then call our office with your card number if you like!

Where Next

Be sure to check out the Where Next link on the left of this page.  It will take you to a great place to access information on a variety of locations that are interested in hosting your next reunion.  After visiting this site, you can go to your next reunion prepared to nominate a great location for an upcoming year!

On Line Questionnaire

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Member's Profiles

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Attendees list

2015 attendees as of 9/4/2015
Date Entered Last Name First Name Spouse/Guest Ship Years From Years To
9/4/2015 Chidsey Chuck Chris Chidsey USS PICKAWAY (APA-222) 1967 1969
8/24/2015 Metz James Rajet Metz USS PICKAWAY (APA-222) 1963 1965
8/21/2015 Kolb William Cathy Kolb USS BEXAR (APA-237) 1964-10 1968-03
8/20/2015 Holden Dudley Della Holden USS PICKAWAY (APA-222) 1952 1955
8/14/2015 Ray Ben Steve Ray USS PICKAWAY (APA-222) 1959 1961
8/11/2015 Shulke Dave Peggy Shulke USS PICKAWAY (APA-222) 1951 1953
8/11/2015 Laubhan Don Carol Blackburn USS BEXAR (APA-237) 1960 1963
8/11/2015 Wiseley Bobby Nancy Wiseley USS PICKAWAY (APA-222) 1951 1953
8/10/2015 Rieger Norman
USS PICKAWAY (APA-222) 1952 1954
8/7/2015 Gonzales Jerome Gloria Gonzales USS PICKAWAY (APA-222) 1964 1966
8/7/2015 Elders Harold Melba Elders USS PICKAWAY (APA-222) 1951-06 1955-01
8/6/2015 Stiger Richard Eunice Stiger USS BEXAR (APA-237) 1954-08 1956-09
8/3/2015 Reed Joe Bettye Reed USS PICKAWAY (APA-222) 1955-03 1958-08
8/3/2015 Severe Earl Sandy Severe USS PICKAWAY (APA-222) 1957 1959
7/22/2015 Beer Edwin
USS PICKAWAY (APA-222) 1957 1960
7/20/2015 Stewart Willard (Buzz) Judy Stewart USS PICKAWAY (APA-222) 1964-03 1965-03
7/20/2015 Rorschach Robert
USS PICKAWAY (APA-222) 1944-12 1946-04
7/20/2015 Malloy Walter Jofa Gallagher USS BEXAR (APA-237) 1964 1967
7/14/2015 Padgette Gary
USS BEXAR (APA-237) 1961-05-21 1964-10-15
7/13/2015 Grayson Logan Marlene Grayson USS BEXAR (APA-237) 1963 1967
7/7/2015 Crawford James Louise Miller USS PICKAWAY (APA-222) 1960 1964
7/7/2015 Legler Charles
USS BEXAR (APA-237) 1961 1964
7/3/2015 Schilling Ronald Lynn Schilling USS BEXAR (APA-237) 1958-09 1963-06
6/25/2015 Beeler John
USS BEXAR (APA-237) 1967 1969

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